Vintage “super 8”

Is vintage your thing? Whether you are having a vintage themed wedding or just love the look of those crackly old movies; The Big Day Productions now offer a “Super 8” style video package with all the charm of shooting on film without the expensive price tag! We spend time in post production using our expertise and layers of effects to replicate that warm fuzzy feeling you get when watching an old movie! The result is perfect, all the quality and reliability of shooting in a digital format, with the style and warmth of an old classic film shot wedding movie. The beauty of it is, this is just an option. We still do our classic wedding films that we are famous for, but you can pick and choose which sections, if any you would like the super 8 effect on. For more information on vintage style Super 8 weddings just get in touch!

Tim and Karen – Super 8 Section. from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Go on, hit full screen for full effect!