Lisa & Fred

Lisa & Fred from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Aaron & Candy

Aaron & Candy from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Natasha & James

Natasha & James from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Tim & Karen

Tim & Karen from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Sarah & Andrew

Sarah & Andrew were married at the beautiful Holy Trinity Church, Leaton, in Shrewsbury. I was driving home one evening after meeting a different couple about 3 years ago when I drove passed this church, I instantly fell in love with the place as its setting is so picturesque. When I found out that Sarah and Andrew were getting married there I couldn’t wait to shoot their day.

Lydia & Chris

“Mirrorball” by the band Elbow was a song choice for Lydia and Chris’s wedding film. I hadn’t heard it before, but fell in love with it straight away. When I found out that they were using part of the lyrics as a reading during the ceremony, I knew Lydia and Chris had a strong connection with the song and so I wanted to feature it in the highlights. “You make the moon a mirrorball, and the streets an empty stage, the city sirens violins, everything has changed.”