Jonathan & Jess – Caswell House

Jonathan and Jess from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Alex & Chris – The Moat House, Acton Trussell

Alex & Chris Highlights from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Christina & Christopher

Katie & Lee – The Monastery

Lee & Katie – The Monastery – Manchester from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Katie & Lee got ready at the impressive Hilton Hotel in Manchester before moving on the the stunning Monastery. The Monastery has a very interesting past and was once in ruins before being fully restored as this very unique venue. Here is what Katie said when she saw her wedding film:

This is so much more than we could have wished for! You have had me soaked in tears for the last few hours watching and re-watching and sending to our parents!

We cannot thank you enough. You captured everything we wanted, and more. We are elated and feel like it was only yesterday now.  Your services were the best money we spent on our wedding!

Lots of love and tears of happiness,

Katie and lee xx”

Celina & Paul – Stubton Hall

Celina & Paul from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Jenni & Drew

Jenni & Drew from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Lisa & Fred

Lisa & Fred from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Aaron & Candy

Aaron & Candy from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Natasha & James

Natasha & James from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Tim & Karen

Tim & Karen from The Big Day on Vimeo.

Sarah & Andrew

Sarah & Andrew were married at the beautiful Holy Trinity Church, Leaton, in Shrewsbury. I was driving home one evening after meeting a different couple about 3 years ago when I drove passed this church, I instantly fell in love with the place as its setting is so picturesque. When I found out that Sarah and Andrew were getting married there I couldn’t wait to shoot their day.

Lydia & Chris

“Mirrorball” by the band Elbow was a song choice for Lydia and Chris’s wedding film. I hadn’t heard it before, but fell in love with it straight away. When I found out that they were using part of the lyrics as a reading during the ceremony, I knew Lydia and Chris had a strong connection with the song and so I wanted to feature it in the highlights. “You make the moon a mirrorball, and the streets an empty stage, the city sirens violins, everything has changed.”